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2015 Season


May 7th - 24th


Paul and Samantha have been together for six years and marriage has never been an issue, until now. After they move into a new apartment together, they meet their elderly and highly eccentric next door neighbor Eleanor, who's view on marriage and religion slowly begin to creep into the mind of Samantha. This causes tension in the relationship and the couple has to finally to decide if they want to say "I do" or call it quits.


(by Rich Rubin)

Visiting Playwright Series

Sept. 3rd - 19th



Kai, a young African-American woman, is a conscientious student at a prestigious East Coast university. When Rebecca, her sociology professor, seeks a volunteer to portray a living-on-the-edge prostitute as part of an in-class, role-play exercise, Kai raises her hand, believing that she’s helping to “give voice” to a marginalized member of society. Kai’s performance in that role proves to be extraordinarily realistic – so realistic, in fact that unintended consequences soon result for Kai and Rebecca both. 


Brothers of Affliction

Nov. 5th - 22nd



Brothers of Affliction (Nov. 5th - 22nd). Brothers of Affliction is the story of three brothers and the deep secrets that bond them together yet tear them apart. The intriguing story delves into the troubled lives of the Owens brothers as they struggle to make peace despite their many afflictions. 


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