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2014 Season


Chainz A young teen has been gunned down and his killer set free, which leads to protests around the country. One protest in particular gets out of hand and lands four men from four different walks of life in a holding cell at the local police station. Through sadness, anger, joy, and tears these four men learn about each other...and more importantly, about themselves...being endangered species in America.


Broken.  Five women come together and discuss life after losing their children to gun violence.  These women search for strength after experiencing tragedy.


Now playing thru Nov. 16th

Starring Emmy-Nominated Actor,

Taurean Blacque



Levi (June 6-June 22). Self-proclaimed "Free-Spirited Radical" Levi Green has heard news that his Father's (Hezekiah Green) church is being torn down. So he decides to return home after thirteen years of being away to confront the bible-wielding pastor about his strict up-bringing and secrets left untold about his mother. Tensions are raised high as father and son try to come to terms with who they are...and who they are to each other.



The Best Game (March 28-April 13). Nineteen-year old Leann Campbell sees perfection as the only option. Currently a 4.0 student at NYU, nothing has stopped her drive to be the best at everything. After finding her estranged father, Scott Maxwell online, she decides to take a bus trip to meet him in his home in Philadelphia. Scott is a seemingly down on his luck, out-of-work artist. He spends his days smoking and drinking...waiting for his life to end. When the two meet, sparks fly as they question each other about their past and present.  


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